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December 2015

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Friends Only

Please comment to be added...

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omg not you too
LOL! I did say I was gonna lock my entries 2 entries ago .. this banner was just making it official
It's not fair, if everyone else is having a friends-only journal, why not me too?
Becaaaaaaaaaause... You barely post any IRL stuff that needs to be locked? XD
my last post was entirely real life only!
*sniff* you never read my journal
You get buried under my huge f-list. TT________TT And I rarely have time to read my f-list nowadays.
Ahahah... believe me it's lesser clicks when you dont friends lock it.. what can i say i needed to XD
eh?! Who's the kid in your icon? So cute~:D

I think I can relate w/ Kimi and F1 as well as something about Yuu and a bit of Jap. stuffs. Actually Im a Rukawa fangirl too~XD He's my long time anime crush.hehehe.........
that's shirota when he was a kid.. LOL... chubby cheeks XD

Hahah cool! Should we join rukawa's cheerleaders? XD

ah.... I think Fujima is the best out of them all but Im simply a Rukawa fangirl.
I think the Oendan girls were too annoying.lolz!

oh! the chunby cheeks and his eyes~ kawaii!!

you beat me about the new Mclaren CM. I wanted to put it in my LJ. it was hella funny and cute.lolz!
it's one of the cutest commercials ive seen ^^ it's still my last song syndrome til now XD


*points at your last reply above* Whee~ Ruru-chan. ^_^

Me = one-girl Sendoh Oendan. ^______^
Sendoh's my second fave hentai smiley FTW!

fujima's my third ^^
Hello! I followed you through my fic journal :D


*offers Mike and Kimi as friendship offering*
yay! so glad to be friend's of f1 fans ^^...

yum @ your icon!
Hee! Thank you :D

grace here

hi! mcbeal here ;)

Re: grace here

I would like to be added! I need to be more social!
Hey there, added you back..

welcome to my turf, nothing much.. all useless cr@p

No prob! At least you use your lj for something who has nothing posted!
the shiro scans brought me here, wanting to read the rest of your posts made me add u as a friend ~............ican right~ pretty plz~?
my posts are full of utter crap, if thats ok with you..

heheh nice to have a new friend! ^^
Ok, so I'm attempting to make an icon page. I know html and all. So I would know how to set up putting the icons up. However, I'm new to livejournal, and I don't know how you get them on a whole separate page than your journal? Could you please let me know? Thanx!

In case you can't reply, my e-mail is BeautifulDiskize@yahoo.com
Hello... I'm sorry i dont quite understand what you're referring too ...


hey do u know how to get da info for b'day package to Shirota?? coz some how i'll try to get da info but i just cant open it, its error

n nice to meet u ^.^


Re: hi

you need to join yuu_shirota community before you can access them.

Hope that helps and nice to meet you as well ^^
Couldnt agree more with that, very attractive article

Plain and simple! I like your work!